Monday, May 21, 2007

Purple & Prince...

Another purple bag? Never enough of 'purple'! Starting with a beaded scarf pattern, I then altered it to a small bag that attaches to a belt or with a strap for more dress up look. Lining is a lavender satin fabric with a snap enclosure and velcro sewn on the side to remove the strap to use as a fanny pack (more of hands free design). The brilliant deep purple beads are from Japan. This was a must for the very rare Prince concert at the Orpheum Theatre in SF.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Hearts and Cabling...

Teddy (otherwise Theodora) is shown with pink aran celtic sweater with cabled hearts. Her basket is a cranberry felted tote bag with a pink heart on the front panel that is also a pocket. The tote is lined with rose pattern fabric with more pockets for knitting supplies. The heart design is from Nicky Epstein's Knitting for Barbie book.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Round & round you go!

Four sides are knitted to create this triangular shaped purse. Other than the occassional dizziness from going around and around the bag stitching cabling and seed stitch patterns on the sides, it is an intrigueing design and fun to make. I purchased the pattern at the Stitches West in San Jose, Ca. The original pattern was difficult to follow I found. As the pattern indicated, I did my own design for the front & side panels. I love heart cabled patterns and incorporated it with adjacent cabling designs from the Knitted Aran Celtic book. The purse is lined with stockinette stitches and a pocket was added to keep my on the go knitting trinkets. The firmness of the bag is created by cutting and sewing plastic canvas pieces. For even more stiffness I overlayed the canvas with thin cardboard. Absolutely, one of the most fun & unique knitted bags to make!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wild and Sultry!!!!!!

Sally the Seductress, I have named her. Her beginnings are from the book "Knitted Babes", the pattern was altered so that she could actually sit upright without falling over her face. She has a sultry pose and is waiting until any blue skies appear on this typical overcast day in Pacifica to contemplate on what she has on her agenda today....Needle felted fingernails were added to her hands as well as white sandals that are secured by velcro to her tiny feet. Ho...hum...not a good day for the beach........

Thursday, May 10, 2007

First Place at the San Mateo Fair!

Well, there were only two entries in that division. I had a fifty-fifty chance of getting first place... The doll was rescued from the Goodwill (Lisi doll), cleaned up, haired combed and the rest is history. The bodice of the dress is done with an intarsia pattern, from an 18" doll pattern. Randee & Jordan are my 'girls!' or atleast while they're at the fair with me. They enjoy the same interests of beading, knitting, and dolls.

Knitting projects: Short but Sweet...

Projects I attempt must be short but interesting enough to keep me from falling asleep. Stockinette long periods surely will act the same as reading a book before you go to bed. I enjoy cabling with patterns of design, such as hearts or symbols. The breast cancer scarf has three sampler patterns: a heart (love), anchor (hope), and breast cancer sign (faith). Filler patterns of choice are the squares between the symbols. I showed the scarf to my auntie who loved it. She had just lost her husband to cancer. The scarf was hers!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More sites of Pacifica

I am happy to be even able to post a 'blog'. Yesterday, I asked my son what it was...Slow but learning more about using the net. Believe it or not, these hidden picturesque treasures are only 10 minutes from the bay area. I love my hometown, except for the occassionaly mildew in our home. Otherwise it is a perfect place to live in and have a family. I called a friend in Belmont which is only 20 min away and she couldn't believe those adorable creatures lived in the small town Pacifica. These llama like cuties grace a small hillside walking distance from the beach. If its a blue sky day, nothing beats the Pacifica ocean view and local furry (alpaca?) friends. Any comments if anyone knows exactly what type of animals they are I would appreciate it.
Most of my free time I am shopping, knitting, gardening, or photographing the nearby picturesque natural treasures.

Knitting with Alpaca????