Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Round & round you go!

Four sides are knitted to create this triangular shaped purse. Other than the occassional dizziness from going around and around the bag stitching cabling and seed stitch patterns on the sides, it is an intrigueing design and fun to make. I purchased the pattern at the Stitches West in San Jose, Ca. The original pattern was difficult to follow I found. As the pattern indicated, I did my own design for the front & side panels. I love heart cabled patterns and incorporated it with adjacent cabling designs from the Knitted Aran Celtic book. The purse is lined with stockinette stitches and a pocket was added to keep my on the go knitting trinkets. The firmness of the bag is created by cutting and sewing plastic canvas pieces. For even more stiffness I overlayed the canvas with thin cardboard. Absolutely, one of the most fun & unique knitted bags to make!

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