Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More sites of Pacifica

I am happy to be even able to post a 'blog'. Yesterday, I asked my son what it was...Slow but learning more about using the net. Believe it or not, these hidden picturesque treasures are only 10 minutes from the bay area. I love my hometown, except for the occassionaly mildew in our home. Otherwise it is a perfect place to live in and have a family. I called a friend in Belmont which is only 20 min away and she couldn't believe those adorable creatures lived in the small town Pacifica. These llama like cuties grace a small hillside walking distance from the beach. If its a blue sky day, nothing beats the Pacifica ocean view and local furry (alpaca?) friends. Any comments if anyone knows exactly what type of animals they are I would appreciate it.
Most of my free time I am shopping, knitting, gardening, or photographing the nearby picturesque natural treasures.

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