Monday, September 1, 2008

Grand Canyon trip: One off my 'Bucket List'...

Yes, my hubby said he wanted to see the Grand Canyon before he sees the pearly gates! Hopefully not soon, turning 60 makes you think more about what's ahead. The canyon as many of said is unbelievable. The beauty is beyond what you see in photos or paintings. We fell in love with the canyon, and the many miraculous sites of Az: Montezuma's castle and Tuzigoot ruins, a 50,000 yr old meteor crater, gorgeous red rocks of Sedona and of course my favorite the lovely and quaint town of Jerome. All within no more than an hr from the canyon. Jerome is the largest ghost town in the US. If you like history you will love this town. Many of the buildings have remained the same, maybe some remodeling in a handful of businesses. For the most part the structures are very similar to the roaring copper mining days of the 1800's and the hilly streets m the uniqueness of Jerome's history. While wondering around the two main streets I surprisingly fell upon the most wonderful knitting shop called 'Knit One Bead One' in a GHOST TOWN! I understand they have two yarn shops and the population is only 300! Must be an awful lot of knitting tourists.... If you are traveling this area, Jerome is a must. It is seldom mentioned in the commercialized pamphlets of Sedona but it is the best kept secret for tourists to see. Only the locals at the Montezuma's castle told me about Jerome. In the spring we will be going there again to see the Petrified Forests and do maybe even a jeep ride to the bottom of the canyon for more wonderful shots of one of the most beautiful and amazing sites in the world. Once to the canyon, you'll find that English is less spoken: you'll hear many languages of folks that come from all around the world. Baudelaire toe up socks by Cookie a went on the trip too, never traveling without a portable sock project!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Made it Through April!!!

Beginning of April we started redoing our very old and outdated kitchen ('nightmare from the 70's). Complete with gold and rust formica counters and cheapy masonite cabinets and linoleum that curled around the edges of the floor and had more cuts and dents than my son's first inherited truck from us. Embarking this adventure was absolutely crazy with my stepson's destination wedding April 26. Piles of kitchen food,cookbooks never used cookware and who knows what filled the living room ceiling high. Dust became an everyday occurrence. Sheets covered everything in site. April always keeps us busy too when both of us have our BD and wedding anniversary April 12. Hubby turned 60 and would like to save a special day for him after all the commotion is done and the kitchen is finished. Somehow I managed to find my knitting and made a very easy wedding garter from the ravelry site. Free pattern too. The wedding was picture perfect, white clean sandy beaches, and an endless blue waters from the gulf. A beautiful canopy with white sheer fabric and hung with tropical foilage surrounded the lovely couple. So much in love, the two seemed to be the only ones on the beach as they held each other during the ceremony.
Living thru the remodeling, our son's wedding, and getting all my men there (boys and hubby) made it definitely the most memorable April for our family.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Babe and April the Llama Relax by the Pacifica Beach

Although my house is literally upside down with the tearing out of my kitchen and getting ready for my son's wedding in Florida I knew I had to create the orange haired babe for a special young girl. The shawl for the wedding in 2 wks has taken back seat to completely her babe. Turquoise sweater and blue eyes were a must for our little babe (special request besides bright orange carrot top hair.) What could be more picturesque than a view of the ocean and a beautiful llama called April with this special babe for a very special young girl!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Neighbors in Pacifica!

Love these guys! Trying out my new digital slr and having a blast watching these beautiful creatures that grace the pacific coastline. April is one of Juanita's three babies.