Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Made it Through April!!!

Beginning of April we started redoing our very old and outdated kitchen ('nightmare from the 70's). Complete with gold and rust formica counters and cheapy masonite cabinets and linoleum that curled around the edges of the floor and had more cuts and dents than my son's first inherited truck from us. Embarking this adventure was absolutely crazy with my stepson's destination wedding April 26. Piles of kitchen food,cookbooks never used cookware and who knows what filled the living room ceiling high. Dust became an everyday occurrence. Sheets covered everything in site. April always keeps us busy too when both of us have our BD and wedding anniversary April 12. Hubby turned 60 and would like to save a special day for him after all the commotion is done and the kitchen is finished. Somehow I managed to find my knitting and made a very easy wedding garter from the ravelry site. Free pattern too. The wedding was picture perfect, white clean sandy beaches, and an endless blue waters from the gulf. A beautiful canopy with white sheer fabric and hung with tropical foilage surrounded the lovely couple. So much in love, the two seemed to be the only ones on the beach as they held each other during the ceremony.
Living thru the remodeling, our son's wedding, and getting all my men there (boys and hubby) made it definitely the most memorable April for our family.


Cat =^,^= said...

Wow, despite the fact that you sound really busy, I have tagged you on my site. Please play... ok? Cathy from the right coast

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